This training course is a little different to my others in that you do not need any fancy equipment. 
Using your preferred camera, be that your DSLR or your smart phone, you will learn how to use Adobe Lightroom CC to very quickly edit your photography’s to give stunning results.
I will show you how to import, edit, export and share your photographs.
We will start by shooting some photographs in the real world, no fancy studio tricker. We will then edit these photos using the FREE Adobe Lightroom app on your iPhone or iPad to achieve a sharp, vibrant photo to be proud of. 
Please note that whilst Adobe Lightroom is free to download, some features are limited to paid subscribers. I’ll show you what you can achieve in the free version as well as the extra features available so you can decide if these are worth it to you. I’m in no way affiliated with Adobe. 
For the best result of this course I would recommend the use of a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and an iPad capable of running Adobe Lightroom CC.